Welcome to ONE KEGWORTH a group of like-minded people who want to bring Kegworth together as one.

Our mission is to bring the community in Kegworth together as one and to showcase all we have to offer in our diverse village. Previous Village surveys demonstrate that there was a perceived lack of community spirit in Kegworth and we aim to address this by providing a range of fun, family-friendly and accessible events throughout the year. We want to support local businesses and encourage visitors to the village whilst creating a positive sense of community spirit.

Kegworth is a Gateway to the East Midlands and a rapidly growing village of now nearly 3800 residents. Industry growth is significant due to its central location and as such has an ambassadorial role to play in North West Leicestershire. It has a diverse population including long standing families, commuters to 3 nearby cities (Derby, Nottingham & Leicester) and a significant number of students and staff from the nearby University of Nottingham campus.

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